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Danielle LaBarbera

Yin Yoga Instructor

After taking a weekly yin class for a year, Danielle fell passionately in love with this style of yoga. Since 2019, she's held certifications in both yin yoga and Reiki, nurturing her passion for holistic wellness. Through yin yoga's gentle yet profound practice, she discovered where to find more grace, forgiveness, empathy, and appreciation in her life—transforming her on physical and spiritual levels. In Danielle's class, expect a nurturing environment focused on fostering presence and self-care. Guided by her belief in the importance of gentleness and self-love, she encourages students to embrace grace, forgiveness, and acceptance within themselves. With an emphasis on deepening body awareness and mastering proper posture alignment, Danielle equips her students with tools to carry their practice beyond the studio. When she's not leading yin sessions, Danielle finds joy in ballet and tap dancing, enjoying the occasional visit from her college attendee daughter, Gianna, and tending to her 8 year old Shitzhu, Champ. 

Danielle's Class: Yin Yoga

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