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Michelle Roosevelt

Yoga Instructor

Michelle's yoga journey began during a transformative Lakeside Yin class, in that moment, she decided she wanted to journey deeper into her practice and share it with others. For Michelle, yoga isn't just a physical activity—it's an unparalleled experience of love and light that she's passionate about spreading. Specializing in Ashtanga training with a flair for hot vinyasa flows, Michelle's classes are a dynamic fusion of tradition and innovation. With over three years of teaching under her belt, she's honed her skills to create powerful, sweat-inducing practices that push boundaries and inspire growth. Music is a huge component of her classes, her playlist is sure to keep you motivated! Michelle's ultimate goal? To empower her students to discover that within each breath lies a new opportunity. Join Michelle for her energizing Hot Ashtanga Remix on Mondays and Thursdays, or on Friday mornings with a Hot Brassy Vinyasa flow.

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Michelle's Classes: Hot Brassy Vinyasa Flow, Hot Ashtanga Remix

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