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Carmen Chicola

Owner & Master Instructor

Carmen came to Brassy Buddha looking for a yoga home base to nurture her own practice. She began practicing yoga after retiring from a dance career in 2000 to stay in shape. The practice quickly resonated far deeper and gave her access to so much more from within herself. As an active mother of three, she learned how important it is to take time out of busy schedules to nurture, rebuild, and restore innermost dreams. Her background as a dancer gives her an edge in recognizing proper joint alignment and maintaining a balance between strength and flexibility. She enjoys incorporating poses that increase joint stability, as well as, a wider range of motion. She has been teaching for almost 40 years with a Bachelor in Education and 300 hours of training from The Yoga and Healing Center. 

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Carmen's Classes: Hot Brassy Vinyasa Flow, Hot Ashtanga Remix, Hot Alignment Flow

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