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Cherise Mazur

Yoga Instructor

After the 200-hour instructor training, Cherise thought maybe yoga teaching wasn't for her. Soon after, she realized that she had a gift to share with others. Yoga had been her lifeline, rescuing her from debilitating anxiety after her son's birth. She loves to teach and hopefully help others who may be going through anything similar in their lives. Rooted in Baptiste training, she crafts empowering flows, infusing her classes with the same transformative energy that healed her. Her mission extends beyond the mat: she aims to ignite empowerment in her students, guiding them to carry their practice into every aspect of their lives. Cherise's journey doesn't end in the studio, she's also a dedicated holistic health coach, and excited to lead the YTT at Brassy. When she's not on the mat, you'll likely find her exploring local eateries as a true foodie.

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Cherise's Classes: Hot Alignment Flow, YTT

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